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Art Vanderlay has taken the classic Max Maven effect "Positive/Negative" and breathed new life into its veins!  

Only one card is used 
You can hand your business card out to the spectator every single time!
No secret writing
No ambiguous endings 
No chance of failure! 

Now in his PLUS version, you will not only get the original effect and the supplement ideas, but also TWO new approaches from Pablo Amira

This is one of the cleanest handling's I have ever seen.
Very well thought out.It's simply brilliant
Neal Scryer

There are many ways of dealing with the potential bumps inherent in the original "Positive-Negative".
Art´s Positive Positive deals with them nicely using another sweet principle. Very clean
Anthony Jacquin

Art's “Positive Positive” does the job perfectly. It’s easy to learn. It’s impromptu. And, most importantly, it’s effective. I highly recommend it.
Ted Gilliam

Nice re-thinking on the effect  – it is ‘a why didn’t I think of that’ rework, and I can see being entirely baffling  as  presented. Great work
Steve Drury

Very nice, in fact very very nice!
Darren Kidby 

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